What I Love About Paola


Paola is absolutely the most wonderful woman in the world.

Although many may contend they have found others more grandeur, I will not be persuaded that there is one more resplendent than the one who single handedly captured my heart.

Of Peruvian descent, Paola bears the image of Incan royalty in her graces.  Her dignity is manifested in her actions.  Her honor is recherch√© among many.

From the high mountains of Machu Picchu to the floor of the Sacred Valley, follow the venerable Vilcanota River, search among the daughters of men, if you can, and find one like unto Paola.

Paola is beautiful, because she is beautiful.  She is one of the most warm, loving, kind, considerate, friendly, cheerful, thoughtful, faithful, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, responsible women I know.

Her oldest son is now a man.  Serving in the United States Army, he is a humble soldier to be proud of; one who has laid down his life to defend the blessed freedom, and the flag of America.  Standing tall, he reflects the sacrifices and disciplines of his mother; Standing firm, he reflects her reliability and steadfastness.  He continues to carry the banner of our nation with the strength imparted by his mother.

Two children remain yet under her wing:  The oldest of which is a bright and beautiful boy, who is gentle, polite and well mannered. He is such a pleasure to have around.  He is intelligent, curious and quick, and exuberates his mother’s charm.  The youngest is beautiful as well: assertive, energetic, fun and very outgoing.

Paola is one of the most loving mothers.  She has done, and continues to do a fantastic job with her children.  She works so hard to provide for them, and makes sure that they have everything they need.  Even though she works, she is up early to dress them, and to prepare them for their day.  She works so hard to make sure they get to school, and to all of their appointments on time.  She calls to follow up on them, and many times just to hear their voice.  After her work is over, she cooks a wonderful healthy dinner for them, ensures they do their homework, and spends time with them before kissing them and sending them to bed.

She is also a very good housekeeper.  She is very diligent at keeping her house neat and tidy, and presentable, but not in an innocuous way.  I appreciate how much effort she puts into her home.

One of the things I love most about her is her personality.  She has an excellent personality!  It is so enjoyable to be around her, and watch her laugh and play with her friends.  She can be giddy at times, funny, very cute, and witty.  She is so friendly, she can be friends with almost anyone.

I also love her intimacy.  She is a very soft and loving person.  She is very gentle, and submissive.  It is such a pleasure to be close to someone who loves you, and is real.  She is a very real, beautiful woman in every way!

Paola is also a Christian.  This is something that I really appreciate.  Some of the best times I’ve had with her have been when we read the bible and prayed together.

Last, but not least, Paola is a very beautiful woman.  She is very attractive.  I love her long, naturally curly black hair!  She can wash her hair, dry it with a towel, then let it hang down the sides of her beautiful face, and all so lovely.  Her eyes are so beautiful!  They are a beautiful brown, warm, and full of tenderness.  It is easy to become captivated by her eyes.  Additionally, her complexion is tan and very smooth.  Her nose is perfect, and cute.  Her lips are perfect as well.  Her face is round, and alluring, wonderful to touch.

Paola is the most wonderful woman in the world.

I will love you forever!


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